Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gearing up for a good harvest

IMG_20130817_160415_111    It's my favourite time of year! Apple harvest time!
    To be fair so far that means the earlies rather than the cider apples. Grenadier, White Transparent, and of course the Beauty of Bath being enjoyed by the wasps in the picture. But the mere fact of picking and eating fresh apples for me means summer has finally delivered.
    After last year's disaster we're going to have a huge yield. Time will tell exactly what the apples will be like, but with decent sunlight I hope they'll have a good sugar content.
    I'll be getitng out the press for a good clean, and making a Vigo order for any sundries I've run out of.
    Good luck if you're pressing this autumn, and may your apple juice run sweet and clean!

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